If you’re looking for skin care, look no further. With one of the best product lines in the business, Bioelements, we are able to provide high quality skin care products, facials, waxing, peels and body treatments in the most relaxing environment!

Our Brand-New Skin Care Suite!

All Skincare Services include a 10-15 Minute Complimentary Consultation prior to your service to allow our Esthetician to properly read your skin and discuss your areas of concern to provide you with the best possible experience and results!

Ultra Detox Peels, Microdermabrasion & Dermaplaning:

Ultra-Detox Peel:
There are 3 Peel Levels that will be decided by our licensed Esthetician for your specific needs and skin type. This service cannot be combined with other skincare services within the same day. For Best Results we recommend every 6-8 weeks.
Level 1: Lactic Plus Peel
Level 2: Glycolic Detox Peel 15% / 5%
Level 3: Glycolic Detox Peel 25% / 5%

60 Minutes
Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion Facial:
Microdermabrasion uses a specialty diamond embedded tip wand which gently buffs and vacuums away dead skin cells revealing fresh new skin cells that was hidden below. This facial includes a double skin cleanse, toner, microdermabrasion treatment and moisturizer. This combination service stimulates collagen and elastin production, corrects oily or dull skin, evens out acne scars  and hyperpigmentation, and smooths skin surface texture. All of which allow for better circulation and product absorption! For best results we recommend every 4-6 weeks.

60 Minutes
Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion Add on Treatment:
Add on a Microdermabrasion service to ANY service (excluding detox peels)
Dermaplaning Facial:
Whether you have an upcoming event or just want to maintain a beautiful healthy glow, this is a next level exfoliating facial. By using a dermaplaning tool designed to painlessly eliminate fine facial hair and fine lines leaving your skin feeling brand new! Allowing makeup applications to go on flawlessly. This procedure promotes collagen production, prevents breakouts, and can improve the look of scarring. It’s suitable for all skin types and is suggested every 4-6 weeks for best results!

60 Minutes
Dermaplaning Add on Treatment:
Add on a dermaplaning service to ANY service (excluding detox peels)

Facial Services:

Fast Results Facial:
Need a facial but short on time? Stop in for a quick but relaxing pick me up! During this express facial you’ll receive a deep cleansing, exfoliation, and customized mask, leaving you refreshed and revitalized! A perfect lunch break retreat!


30 Minutes   
Custom Blend Signature Facial:
Custom Blended to meet your exact needs, every time! This facial starts with a skin reading then each step is custom blended with advanced serums and aromatherapy to deliver results. Includes: deep cleansing, exfoliation, message, extractions, targeted serums and masks for your specific concerns.


60 Minutes               
Acne Clearing Facial:
Suffer from chronic acne, hormonal breakouts or simply clogged pores? This treatment begins with a personal skin reading, followed by a deep pore cleansing with exfoliation to target breakouts and a medicated power treatment including an amino mask that contains enzymes, AHA’s, antioxidants, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredients! Leaving you with cleared skin and a healthy glow!

60 Minutes
Pumice Peel Facial:
Manual Microdermabrasion treatment that utilizes ultra-fine pumice crystals in a unique exfoliation base to gently buff away dull, dreary cells and reveal fresh new skin. This service rejuvenates skin texture and improves clarity. It also helps to prevent clogged pores while reducing appearance of surface lines, wrinkles and pigmentation.


60 Minutes    

Body Wraps & Treatments:

Mud Therapy Body Wrap:
Detoxify and stimulate your skins metabolism with therapeutic mud and aromatherapy. In this revitalizing treatment, mud is applied to your entire body, and you are cocooned in warm blankets to jump start the purification process. The mud mixture will unleash a stimulation resulting in ridding your body of toxins. You’ll emerge refreshed and reenergized!

60 Minutes
Citrus Fruit Oil Body Wrap:
Embark on a sensory journey that incorporates healing touch with citrus elements to promote deep relaxation and soft silky skin. This treatment begins with an invigorating exfoliation followed by neck to toe application of warmed citrus fruit oil. You’ll drift      off into a state of complete relaxation and emerge destressed with unbelievably soft, smooth skin!

60 Minutes
Cryothermic Body Wrap:
Encourage your body’s natural slimming process with this intensely active body wrap. You’ll enjoy dual sensation of heat and cooling energies in this cryothermic body gel activates your microcirculation. As you’re wrapped and relaxed this thermal process will immediately target puffiness and swelling due to water retention, it will increase tissue firmness, eliminate body toxins. Resulting in a more toned, revitalized body without a gym!

60 Minutes
Acne Clearing Back Treatment:
The same great method of our Acne Clearing facial but specifically targeting another acne hot spot- your back!  This is a perfect treatment for spring and summer as well as for blushing brides to be in preparation for their big day! 

60 Minutes
Herbology Retexturizing Body Treatment:
A combination of Bioelements body exfoliation and traditional Chinese medicinal herbs to smooth and retexture your skin from neck down. Starting with warmed citrus fruit oil followed by an exfoliating herbology massage. You’ll be cocooned in heated thermal blankets to allow the therapeutic granules to melt into your skin.

60 Minutes

Specialty Add On Services:

Lip Exfoliation:
This lip treatment smooths rough and dry lips. Gently exfoliates, leading to softer texture lips without any harsh scrubbing.
High Frequency Treatment:
Addresses a range of issues including acne, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, puffy eyes, and hair growth.
Soothing Eye Treatment:
Targets Puffiness, Dark Circles & Fine Lines!
Ultra-Lifting Flaxx C Mask:
Restores firmness to sagging skin by compressing the tissues to lift, tighten and firm!
Hand Scrub:
Hand Scrubs include exfoliation treatment with gloves followed by lotion and massage.
Foot Scrub:
Foot Scrubs include exfoliation treatment with booties followed by lotion and massage.

Pre & Post Care Instructions