High Quality Hair Extensions:

Shear Serenity is proud to announce that they are partnered with Perfectress Hair extensions and are certified in both Tape-In and Ultimate Link Weft extension varieties. With extension you can add thickness, volume and/or length to your hair and walk out of the salon with the hair you’ve been dreaming of.

All Pricing for extensions is done via consultation as no 2 clients are the same

Initial Investment – The Process:

  1. Initial Consultation: This in-depth initial consultation is scheduled for 45 Minutes. It includes discussing your hair goals and which style of extension would best work for you. Color matching the hair, ordering and purchasing the hair itself.
    • The consultation is complementary with the purchase of the hair at this appointment. If you decided that you do not wish to move forward with extensions at the end of the appointment the consultation is $45.00 to cover the stylist’s time.
    • Once ordered the hair typically take 3-4 days to arrive at the salon.
  2. Installation Appointment: This appointment time will vary depending on the installation method chosen and amount of hair for the installation. (It is a separate price from the initial cost of the hair.) This appointment is usually between 2-3 hours; but may go longer and is a package that includes all of the following:
    • A clarifying Shampoo and blowout for application
    • Installation of the purchased hair
    • Blending Haircut & Finish Styling of Choice
    • Education for proper at home care
    • Perfectress Approved Hairbrush for take home


Extensions will grow out with your natural hair. ‘Move-up’ appointments are recommended between 6-8 weeks to prevent damage and matting to your natural hair. ‘Move Up’ appointments are not included in the initial costs and are priced out separately per appointment. With this appointment as long as the hair is maintained no new hair would need to be ordered and your existing extensions would be removed completely, your hair will be clarified, detangled, dried and then the extensions reinstalled and styled as requested. With proper at home care, you should get 1 year (or 5-6 ‘Move up’ appointments) out of your initial hair purchase.

** However, we can only guarantee the hair if any color/ highlight services are done with us in house (with one of our certified extension specialists as it needs to be a specific technique to maintain the extension bonds) and at home care is maintained**